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Fall bounty and roots

The root crops like Jerusalem artichokes, sweet potatoes, potatoes can come back if under 6"of mulch but the annuals like the peppers cannot and so seeds need to be collected.

Had a family of 13 call from Udaho property yesterday to order Raspberry starts who wants to put in greenhouse and edible forest. So fun to hear from families all over Utah and surrounding states. Tell us your stories and post your information too and pictures and videos of your gardens, farms & forests. Another retiring couple have farmers market garden and plan to move to 20 acres down South and want to come learn to design with Permaculture courses we are continuing through Fall & Winter. Look for UVU's Community Education Winter brochure for Intro and Advanced Permaculture Designing courses as well as School of Health Freedom Herbal walks here and our Continuing free Workshops all year long.

Plant and Seed Harvest, exchange in full force right now. I gave 100 Raspberry starts in Spring and farmers are calling for more. You can help Classroom garden get more Strawberries traded for Radpberry starts or cuttings by donating them to us please. Come exchange your heirloom organic seeds this week everyday. 851 E Highcountry Dr Orem

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