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Everyone loves the Egyptian Walking Onions.

Delicious twice a year. Still have starts for sale so school can buy a Gorilla Cart along with Lemon Balm starts.

I was visiting my 86 yr expd nursery/ orchard expert Richard last week with my other 85 yr expd farmer/55 yr Nursery owner friend Grant that had so many things in common in their lives as well as mutual family, & Richard saw his grape vines getting light green /yellowish leaves w green veins and told me that was lack of proper acidity. So I looked up natural solution: "if you're serious about growing plants or making your soil more acidic for ... For this reason, adding elemental sulfur or iron sulfate is the most surefire way to acidify ... Keep the soil pH low by applying generous amounts of natural acidifying."

Thanks to kindness of friends and new friend Clifford: Found a kind stranger to help me hitch trailer and loaded 10 bales of straw in Lehi and my farmer friend Scott saw that my hitch ball was too small for my trailer and I could have lost it so he offered to go buy my 2" ball for my hitch and we can go backbin am to pick up trailer. I ran out of straw and it was so hot today that I had to water 7 am to 5pm. Then visited 86 yr old Nursery friend who gave me mature flowers to plant tillv12:15 last night. Then my dear friend stopped on way home from work at 8am to drive trailer back to Classroom Garden just now. I am so grateful. Snyone want to bring teens to help mulch let me know. We will have moreflower bushes for all in near future too. So going to finish putting straw around garden today & night while my advanced students study rhe Geoff Lawton PDC course inside. Hey I figured out theland we will survey and design all Permaculture Design including homestead and barn and greenhouse together as final end of Summer project. UVPCGG

Everyone loves the Egyptian Walking Onions.

The first Josta berries on South facing hottest part of garden. How amazing. Drought resistant edible perennials. Cant wait to finish Wasatch Front Drought Resistant not just Hardy Database Plant List. http://

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