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Winter Open House

Hey Permaculture friends I really want to thank Howard, Mark & Scott for coming to the School Winter Open House and sharing your great experience with us. I really want to help you be able to get the Winter 2017 6 month Design Course in the most affordable way. So Im going to help you bring tuition down even more than $300 off which you already earned by coming last night. Reffer interested people and for every student that signs up I will take another $100 off. Its a win win partnership. It was wonderful to meet and hear the Permaculture experiences from so many dedicated Permaculture students last night Taking a PDC in Costa Rica, Taking a PDC 12 yrs ago on New Mexico commune and having done Back to Eden orchard with wood chips growing healthy soil. All great experiences that have brought them to the Permaculture Design School to now Design their properties into a full self sustained Food Forest. Forward this to your friends, gardeners/preparedness people & post on groups and email lists please: "So Permaculture Design School in Orem has 3 students that would like to get the Intense Design Course for the Package $150 off discount so we just need 3 more students to preregister before Dec. 23rd for a full class. RSVP if you have been interested in learning all you can to design your Self Sustained Food Forest for our Course outline with description of each week over 6 months hands on learning course. 801-808-4424"

Permaculture Design Course starts January 3rd and $300 discounted preregistration ends in a week. RSVP 801-808-4424 and read description at We do free weekend workshops on Sat ams in exchange for help in School Food Forest. Here are other online courses to compare to

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