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Moisture & Cooler Temperatures

As our advanced class ended last night and we discussed the moisture and cooler temps created by the UVPCGG EDIBLE FOOD FOREST, and how we are going to test Gabions collecting condensation, we talked about the West facing hot dry hills all over the Wasatch front covered with only dry grasses that were fuel for fires. Matthew told me that these hills were all treed when the pioneers arrived to Utah. We need to replant drought resistant and fire resistant trees and green vegetation again that will hold the mountains' water instead of quickly eroding down the hills and prevent the fires coming down to homes. Ironically as we had this conversation A" field fire", (what caused it not mentioned), in Tooele was happening: "

Does anyone have a mature plant of Astragalus? It is in Dr Christopher's immucalm with Mallow that stops Histamine build up. And also anyone have Wild Licorice. Botanical Name: Astragalus membranaceus, Astragalus membranaceus var. mongholicus Common Name: Milk Vetch Root, Huang Qi (Mandarin) Plant Family: Leguminosae (It is a relative of Licorice and the pea plant) History: Astragalus has been used in Chinese Medicine for more than 2,000 years. Thanks for sending this out to all students for volunteering, free room/free education internship of PDC (Permaculture Design Certificate). Http://

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