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Thank you to all the families that participated, students of our school, sponsors and the Sego Lily School: 30  hard working people Christina Blandon current student, Helen Simmonds graduated student from Richfield, Judy, Jared and family,  Julie future student from Alpine, Joel, Andrew, Andrew2 & bro Nick, Jen and kids founder of Sego Lily, Joshua Pendleton our Excavating teacher, Alonzo, Cece & Noah graduated students and last Year's PERMA BLITZ recipients, Liberty Hatfield Mason and kids, Megan Davies,Troy and kids of Sego Lily, Vickee and Monica, new students, Amber my friend from Eden, Casey family current students of, Joe, Nate and Sis, Alonzo, Nick,  Judy graduating student, Matthew PDC student of UVPCGG, children and others I can't remember cause I cant move after 2 days of 12 hours each. We all worked so hard to put all these Hugelbeds and Kitchen garden in for the Sego Lilly School at our 3rd Annual sponsored PERMA BLITZ today but the phone was lost at end of day or we would show all the videos and picture of you the hard workers. Christina Blandon promised to get us their pictures on a USB drive soon. Great work all of you!!! You helped so many kids learn to live sustainably forever. Award ceremony and Rafftle Grand Prize winners announced at end of the day: Liberty won the Free 6 month Design Course at!! Thank you and congratulations all.

See Christina's update pictures after 3 weeks, 6 weeks... below. 

Update from Christina of Sego Lily Food Forest August 2017


We have tons of photos and videos of this 2 day Perma Blitz for Sego Lily School and need a volunteer to help us edit and upload them please contact 801-808-4424.  This is always a volunteer effort on all of our parts. 
Love and  am so proud of my students, Hellen from Richfield, Vickee from Hobble Creek, Cece.  You gals are wonderful. 
After 3 weeks
6 weeks: 

More coming

3rd Annual PERMA BLITZ


More coming
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