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Instructor Bios

Surveying, Water Harvesting, Landscaping, Drafting instructor Joshua Pendleton of Pendleton Design Associates is an expert on Water Feature Designing and Implementation as well as Excavator.

Grant Holdaway, 55 yr. owner of VINEYARD NURSERY, 85 yr old farmer still farming 5 plus acres to help low income families knows everything about irrigation, farming, nursery plants and propagation. He teaches pruning, cuttings, grafting/budding and growing starts, farming, irrigation and more.

Cary Smith is an expert grafting professional that teaches our grafting class.

Richard Wood, grafter, Geothermal Greenhouse expert.

Jon the Mushroom Man teaches the most extensive Mushroom growing workshop.

Solar and other back up power systems teachers come from engineer Bill Burgoyne who founded and built the largest Utah Commercial Solar projects with SOLARTEK (NOW AURIC), TO JAmes Brainard of INERGY small portable systems, Clark & Ryan with Legend Solar, and PDC Chris Allen consult.

Survival Expert, Special Forces Medic, more Tyler White teaches wilderness survival and preparedness

Tatia Nelson IRiodologist, Master Herbalist graduate of Dr. Christopher's School of Herbal Medicine will teach us about harvesting, using and understanding herbs. We do Nature Walks identifying beneficial herb plants in the wild. Craig Dineley does wild herb remedies workshops and Nature Walks.

Denise DE Vynck and other instructors at our school took Geoff Lawton's PDC course and teach in the Classroom Garden. 

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