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About Us

We believe there is so much to be gained by reconnecting people to their food, nature, and community. We are passionate about sharing our knowledge for the greater benefit of those willing to take a moment to find pleasure in Nature.

"All the world's problems can be solved in  a garden." ~Geoff Lawton​


Permaculture is a way of thinking, living as well as rebuilding ecosystems  that works WITH nature instead of AGAINST it or dominating it. When we allow nature to do what it does best, the result is diverse, high-yielding, sustainable "food forests" capable of feeding entire families, not needing any outside resources, not wasting resources, sequestering carbon and taking care of our planet.

Our aim is to reintroduce individuals and families with nature so they can benefit from the knowledge it has to share, the peace and connection that comes from working with the earth, plants, and animals, while being able to feed themselves with natural healthy foods.


Because permaculture is an all-encompassing discipline, there is no shortage of ways to learn to harness the power of nature. We offer Courses & Workshops on Surveying, Drawing property to scale, desinging water harvesting and distributing systems, designing self sustainable guilds and  a variety of topics such as mushroom farming,  drought-resistant plants, rainwater harvesting, propagating, grafting and more! 

We also offer a more comprehensive education through our official Permaculture Design Courses. Those who take these courses will learn about how to design and implement their own food forest. Those who complete the advanced course will earn the internationally-recognized Permaculture Design Certificate. 

Youth Summer Camps, Day Care and K-12 year-long classes, college internship opportunities and more. 

Our projects also involve gathering volunteers and networking in the community to help deserving families establish their food forests and becoming self-reliant. 

Testimonials from students: 

"Home again. Thank you for your hospitality, what a great night. It was helpful to meet everyone  and hear in person. What a great gem of a school you have built. While my windshield was defrosting this morning I walked outside and looked at the gardens. I can't wait until spring. Also while putting on my shoes, noticed the seed box. I can't wait to see what's available,  I'm not going to send for seeds until I see what you have available. I'm so excited, can't wait to start drawing to scale, making my A frame and measuring contours."

  Helen livesteaming/in person pt-time student from Richfield, UT

"Your garden is pretty, unique, natural and sustainable.  A wonderful garden.  Merry christmas."  12/25/2016 Andy Lu 67 yr old chinese gardener we treasure visits with. 

"This course is a great example of our sustainable future.  Hands on with practical education to get your garden started." Ella & Faith

"The best way to learn: Repetition of important concepts till you fully comprehend them." Rick in Orem.

"Permaculture classes are very informative.  The classroom is actively in a hands on site we learn so much by doing."  Lily from CA

" Denise is a great motivator and has a tremendous amount of knowledge which she shares.  She has given me the confidence to get my own garden." Christa S. S.

"Hands on farming for the sustainable gardening are essential tools for the future." Phillip and Martha W.


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