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Blog (updated Daily on FB group Utah Valley Permaculture Classroom Gardens.. until we get a volunteer webmaster)

In Memory of Bill Mollison, the Father of Permaculture and Toby Hemenway who explained how Permaculture could save the world. (Watch their videos below)

August 15, 2017 Tour of Food Forest:

UVPCGG July 16, 2017 Quick Tour

Sorry 21 pages of blog link hard to see just above this box but in blue is 'Previous" and "Next" just click to go to next page of great science (need webmaster volunteer please). 

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Tips for Permaculture

Why Permaculutre?

Food forests all over the world are bringing people together

Beginnings of UVPCGG 2015

May 2015 Garden progress since Perma blitz Sept 2014 come all ages for free classes,