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RMP trying to stop Solar in Utah

Attention Utah Rocky Mountain is going to make it more expensive to get solar after Dec. 9th, 2016 (update rate hike postponed)

So I had the best I have found in home Solar that is helping me earn my $11,000 system Legend Solar put in my intent to get Solar before Dec. 5th. Let me know if you want to hear from them what you need and put a no obligation ‘Letter of Intent.’

‘This info is for Denise and anyone else on here thinking of installing SOLAR PANELS before 1.1.2017: RMP Proposes Changes to Net Metering Hello, You’ve probably seen the news coverage about Rocky Mountain Power’s proposed changes to net metering, and we’re sure you’re wondering ‘what does this mean for me?’ In short, if you’ve already installed solar, you are not affected by the current proposal. If you are still considering installing solar with U Community Solar, in order to receive the existing net metering rates, you must request a contract from Creative Energies by Monday, December 5 and return your contract by Wednesday, December 7. Read on for more details. Of primary importance to Community Solar participants, Rocky Mountain Power has proposed that future residential solar customers be placed on a transitional rate structure that will be subject to changes. Customers who have submitted net metering applications (or installed solar) before December 9, 2016 will remain a part of the existing net metering program. (This does not necessarily mean these rates will stay the same forever, but they are unchanged under RMP’s current proposal.) Under typical procedure, the Public Service Commission has 30 days to decide whether or not to approve this proposal (by December 10, 2016). If the proposal is approved, new solar customers will be placed on the new, transitional, rate structure going forward. To meet this deadline, you must request a contract from Creative Energies by Monday, December 5 and return your contract by Wednesday, December 7. You may sign a contract with U Community Solar through December 31, but if you do not request a contract from Creative Energies by December 5 there is no guarantee that your application will be submitted in time, and your net metering contract with Rocky Mountain Power may change in the future. If you’ve already installed solar, or you’ve already signed a contract with Creative Energies, your application has already been submitted — there’s nothing more you need to do. If you’ve taken the Solar Survey and haven’t yet had a site visit, it’s important to schedule one by November 28. If you don’t have a contract and are ready to sign one, contact Creative Energies as soon as possible: (801) 487-6489. In order to be prepared to make a decision, check out frequently asked questions, or contact us if you have any questions. Utah Clean Energy will participate in the Public Service Commission process to advocate for fair treatment of solar customers, and it’s important for you to make your voice heard to the Commission. We’ll keep you in the loop as this proposal moves forward – sign up for Utah Clean Energy’s newsletter, or visit the net metering page on our website to get all the latest info. -The U Community Solar Team Visit for more information Call me for info 801-808-4424

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