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Eat Alkaline

Come learn to eat Alkaline and grow sustainably, and store seeds, sustainable food storage and other great information to live prepared. Utah Valley Permaculture Classroom Garden and Greenhouse, seed/start exchanges, 801-808-4424 Families and individuals come free Fridays at 6pm and learn with us. We will be having our LEft Over Easter Egg Potluck next Sunday 4:30 to 6pm Kids friendly RSVP for assignment 801-808-4424 Easter Egg Hunt and Potluck with kids was wonderful and Friday 8 families learned to do the Berkeley 18 day Compost method that is so easy. PLEASE if you are looking for Back up power SOLAR SO PEOPLE GET THE BEST: There is no system lighter, cheaper and longer lasting or stronger than 40 yr Solar Engineer JAmes Brainard, ( that Self Reliant Teacher Tatia brought to Utah), INERGY products. Let me know and I will get you the best prices: (best lightweight 3300 (6600) watt 35 lb lithium battery, lightweight strong panels designed for yatchs, and you can't beat these prices) Best Engineer powered up entire countries and working with Alaska. We are growing and need live in PDC Permaculture garden manager of family, we are just volunteers and need many more as well as web designer, social media volunteers too: Utah Valley Permaculture Classroom Garden

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