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Putting in the fence

I am so grateful and honored to have two of our Nations Heroes that served this counyry and sacrificed their legs helping us prepare for Saturday's rainwater Harvesting workshop. They are measuring for gutters. Thanks to Provo Home Depot for donating 100 feet of gutters , still looking for rest and cinder blocks for 5x5x5 base, getting otders in for 275 gal containers: SHIRLEEN in Lindon 5, ... workshop starts 8:30 am 851 E Highcountry Dr Orem

Thank you my Veteran friends especially Jacob my Nany Seal hero for helping me plant all the new trees we traded 8 ft heavy gauge fencing for Classroom garden.

The best trees I have seen in Utah

Look at these beauties Red Dwarf Hazelnut bushes. Hurry I got 2 for classroom garden. This is so exciting

Love my huge 12 foot willow. Lindon, nut, Mormon Apricot, peach, apple, nectarine, cherry, pear and all varities plus more

You can grow 10 times more fruit on this Espaniale way of branches able to hold more fruit up against the house.

Great 2 kinds of crerping Jenny ground cover.

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