Patriotic Permaculture

Great Clearance at Lindon Walmart on Fruit trees $13.99, peach, cherry and apple, sorry I got last dwarf plum. $1.50" cat deterring beautiful colored Voleuses", Cone Flower, $4.99 Honeysuckle and more.

Buckwheat & amaranth new plants

White pumpkins

Milkweed antiseptic

2nd round of Daikon Radish great for salad or microgreen s.

Water saver above ground cheap irrigation for border of garden as well as best soaker hoses.

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Utah Valley Permaculture

Classroom Gardens & Greenhouse

 Serving  children & families in Utah and Beyond.

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Come learn or help others learn, and help us help kids learn about Nature and healthy self reliant living by inviting schools and families to visit.
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 VOLUNTEER PR, Social Media, Teachers, PDCs,  WEBMASTER & Garden, handymen,  Volunteers needed please CONTACT  801-808-4424 

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