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First Gooseberry

I had my first really red, really soft and sweet Gooseberry out of the garden last week and it was so delicious.

Utah Valley Permaculture Classroom Gardens & Greenhouse is offering a year-long Permacuture Sustainable Farming Internship at the Classroom Garden, Greenhouse and Sustainable 7B home in Orem, Utah. Opportunity will include a Free Private furnished room with private bath, Free $1,000 Permaculture Design Course on Video to watch, learn and practice designing, and hands on daily implementing in the gardens and greenhouse. Help design and build water harvesting, swales, Hugel Beds, Trellis and Overhanging growing fixtures, ponds, wildlife sanctuary, planting of Edible Food Forest of fruit, nut and forage trees, Berry Bushes, medicinal herbs and their uses as well as other Perennials. Collecting of an Heirloom Seed Bamk seeds, start exchanges, assisting in 4 week UVU Continuing Education Permaculture Courses, and posting on social media will also be involved. Relaxing Plant Bassed Diet, Yoga and other healthy activities available also. Call 801-808-4424 for interview.

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