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Baby Robin is Back

6th day in a row and baby Robin is back everyowning to greet me in my garden. I think from "grayer" description on National geographic that it is a female juvenile. An adult much larger that looks just like her came to the garden and flew away but Baby hops on my pathways which worries me since I chased neighbors fat bird eating cat away out of my garden this morning. Tons of Finches Doves Orioles and tiny green Hummingbird sized little birds in my kitchen garden.

Hi, Kaci from Vernal has come by to help pull rest of radish, put down straw and harvest more microgreen seeds from Daikon, Turnip and Brocolli pods. She is wanting to get Hugel Beds in as is Shelley in Woodscross so I am offering all those who have voluteered in the Utah Valley Permaculture Classroom Gardens a free course once a week in middle of day and hands on experience in garden in evening for free. RSVP 801-808-4424 Students keep coming from Rexburn, ID, Granstville, UT, Bountiful, UT, Cache Valley, San Fernando Valley, CA to learn in the Gardens & Greenhouse. Thank you Renee for driving down to help me with flooded basement when hose to mister in greenhouse busted and watering Kitchen Garden so I could go run errands. Your innovative Hydroponics design is going to revolutionize growing in water in urban areas.

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