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Beefsteak Tomatoes

What a great group of students we had tonight and if light had lasted we could have continued with Edible Forest tour and planting in Hugel Beds. UVU Intro to Permaculture course ends next week but so thrilled students tonight want to continue with seed harvesting, finding and planting more perennials on sale now like at Vineyard and High Mountain Nurseries, chop and dropping & compostibg, mulching and covering forest garden straw. Scott has some $2/bale straw left if anyone needs some. We just picked up 10 bales. & Some of my students who love Permaculture want to do the PDC course as a group. So 3 so far if anyone just wants to split cost of course just to learn let us know. It is so wonderful to share this great experience of Permaculture and get others so excited. The class is starting to survey, find contour lines and begin designing. Fall and Winter workshops will include Designing Kitchen Garden, studying Joshua ' s Pond design and grant proposal writing to raise funds for materials, more Perennial s, 2 families ' PERMACULTURE BLITZ in October to volunteer for and more. So join us.

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