Growing seeds and Free solar demo

Free Demo of Solar portable kit for emergency back up power this Thursday 7:30pm after our Permaculture Design Class. RSVP 801-808-4424

Would you be interested in donating as tax deductible gift herb starts of astragalus, calendula, lobelia, bergamot, catnip, wormwood, black cohosh, horehound, slippery elm, buglewood, cinnamon, clove, helichrysum, white yarrow, gravel root, yucca, chaparral or hydrangea. Also seed exchanges and free regenarative workshops for all ages.

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Utah Valley Permaculture

Classroom Gardens & Greenhouse

 Serving  children & families in Utah and Beyond.

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Come learn or help others learn, and help us help kids learn about Nature and healthy self reliant living by inviting schools and families to visit.
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 VOLUNTEER PR, Social Media, Teachers, PDCs,  WEBMASTER & Garden, handymen,  Volunteers needed please CONTACT  801-808-4424 

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