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Garden Barn Raising

So here is update on April 16th 10am to 2pm Grafting Workshop. You have till March 31st to pre-register & get $20 off as students. Your $30 will give you lots of practice wood and when you get confident that day you will have root stock and scion of pear or apple to graft your own tree to take home. If for some reason your tree doesnt take, then Cary will be teaching us how to bud the same tree in July. Then you will get follow up workshops as part of course here on other techniques to use other fruit trees you love to graft also. Please bring your cash donations for April workshop of $30 and pre-registration April 4 week course on designing and planting Guilds of trees, shrubs & perennial & native plants by March 31st to get April course & workshop tours for free for Tuesday or Thursday night classes. These will be the funnest classes and will include tours of Native plant nurseries, propagation, Native Plants of Utah, & thermal Greenhouse tour. May is International Permaculture Month with our Hands On Practice Perma Blitze putting in one of our student family's designed Hugelbeds on Contour Gardens by all of us May 7th all day 7:30 am till finished. Learn how "Garden Barn Raising" together as a Permaculture Communitynetworkingwith fellow st udents of UVPCGG of past year and a half. Please put this as a must on your calendar. It is free but the most valuable learning experience. Thank you, UtahValley Permaculture Classroom Garden

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