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Spring is here!

May 7th Perma Blitz is best thing you will do with your family this year. Help a great family and at same time bond with your family while teaching them a valuable lifesaving skill of planting lifetime food storage. And Save The Planet. MAY 7TH 7:30 AM TO 6PM. HEALTHEY VEGETABLE & FRUIT POTLUCK. 8664 S 3720 W West Jordan 84088. Bring manure, compost , straw, trees, berry and edible fruit bushes or starts and herbs to plant. Wear work clothes and gloves, & bring shovels, rales, & garden tools. Could anyone pick this up for this family please for their Perma Blitz? :KSL Studio 5 Brooke Walker left a message that she is interested in this event. EVENT: INTERNATIONAL PERMACULTURE DAY GARDEN BARN RAISING MONTH FOR UTAH FAMILIES "A stack of wheat straw bails is ready to go for the big May 7th at our home!"

Thanks Jon, Robyn & family for volunteering May 7th at Perma Blitz III: " I just saw the add on ksl for the permablitz in West Jordan. We will be there. 2 adults and 2 kids."

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