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We have taken PDC courses like Geoff Lawton's, studied Toby Heminway, Brad Lancaster, Eric Tonesmeier, Danial Halsey, Jon Jeavons and Bill Mollison books, workbooks and videos which students have access to here at our school. We help you survey, design to scale & practice Permaculture Techniques all year-long and bring in expert PDC, Landscaping, Horticulturists, Grafting, Budding, Propogating & Native Plant Growing, Thermal Greenhouse building, Beekeeping, Chickens and other small farm animals & other needed experts to teach you all you need to know to feel confident you have the skills to care for your own Food Forest. Joshua Pendleton, PDC and Water Designer at Pendleton Design Associates Grant Holdaway, 55+ years owner, farmer, CEO of Vineyard Nursery, Orem Utah. Kerry Lewis, 25+ year expert grafter.

My mini hugel is doing awesome!

Our kids classes made our sign and learned to plant seeds and starts last Saturday in Class room Garden at UVPCGG

More baby burdock also deep tap root which brings up minerals alsp

Filary or storks bill deep tap root edible "weed" but needed to decompact soil

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Utah Valley Permaculture

Classroom Gardens & Greenhouse

 Serving  children & families in Utah and Beyond.

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