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Kids Camp & Mushrooms

4" top cute chinese hat shaped mushroom in kitchen garden. Whoever comes from 7 to 9pm tonight to Classroom Garden to transplant confrey and large herb plants gets a free herb plant or Goji start. RSVP 801-808-4424 ( if you are available from 1 to 5pm contact us to come by and help at that time).

Thank you Kathleen, Sherulyn, Kale, Rose, Zinnia & Eli for helping me get Richard's garden all nice. He was so gratefuul and we got 30 goji berry, black raspberry, sage, thyme, Columbine, rosemary, & other starts and sun chokes for families. He knows his Thermal greenhouse installationf plants and wven tried many wild edibles in his life. We need to find a live-in helper that can help him with the garden as well as one here for Permaculture Internship. Anyone available tonight we are putting all plants in classroom garden. Get free plants. Richard's perfect pruned grape vines, grafted trees and perfect gardens were a treat to visit. Who wants to go next time?

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