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Our first Nan King Cherries as Bing & Ranier start to take off.

Beginning Class students last night learned about short-term quick shade like Sunflowers & Sunchokes around the seed annd root planted veggie and fruit crops in kitchen garden with cover crops as well as easy planting in shaded Edible Forest Hugelbeds. They also drew their and contour lines to scale on large drafting paper. Water designs and workshops all month. Advanced students will be helping set up Wasatch Front Permaculture Plantbase while taking PDC course all Summer with internship. Sign up 801-808-4424

Free large Celebrity, Beef Steak, Whopper, & Sweet 100 Cherry plants for helper to plant them Monday night 5pm. 801-808-4424

Monarch Butterfly attracting milkweed is blooming the most beautiful soft fragranced flowers.

3 lbs of Diatomaceous earth which is hard not to wash away on new plants. Any other ideas? Robins are eating slugs, Quail and other birds vome every day. Any chicken tractor experts out there that can come advise?

h wow tasted my first service berry that looked like a dark purple blueberry and delicious. I don't know anymore if Gooseberry is still my favorite. Tell us about your favorite Utah berry. My Doctor loves huckleberries and Ive started one from seed.

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