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Delicious Berries

Delicious berries to taste all over Utah Valley Permaculture Classroom Gardens & Greenhouse http://

Red Currants

The biggest and most beautiful Monarch Butterfly just visited our UVPCGG Garden.

So excited to find local company using Sea Berriesin their products which are very rich, tasty and local. The Sea Berries are so beautiful. Our UVPCGG Sea Berry plants are getting well established and producing small shoots. We need an expert that knows. Whatvthe male female need to bloom in our climate. Saturday's Workshop 7am due to 90 degrees will cover natural minerals, amenders and mulching al9ng w underground irrigation first few years to get perrenial roots to go down for water and not depend on surface watering.

2 kinds of Currants Red& Black this year. Hopefully 4 next year with Yellow & English White thanks to our student family in Walsberg.

First bing cherries and birds got them first. One lady told me to put CDs in tree. What has worked for you that is more natural? Anyone have Bee Balm plants?

A kind lady gave us the biggest Fennel 12 feet tall by 3 feet wide we are transplanting but need to chop top off.

Free Rooster And Hen Spanish Fork, UT 84660 - Jun 20, 2016 Both were hatched in early March. We just have more chickens than we want. Bring your own container to take them home.

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