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Has anyone grown Huckleberry?

Double Decker Egyptian Walking Onions are fascinating

First daily bkfst harvest of raspberries. 100s of Blackberries soon. UVPCGG. Trade you blackberries for help in garden putting down straw. RSVP 801-808-4424

Yesterday I was surprised by a Hawk clinching its victim bird flying over my head in Classroom Garden with the mate, mother or father bird bombarding the hawk trying to save its family member as it screamed in horror. Other family members flew with them. I tried to walk over to edge of hill but they dissappeared and I knew that poor bird's fate. The bird family looked a lot like this pointy winged bird but not sure. Today two of the type of birds are circling above the hillside where the hawk took its victim shreaking with what sounds like grief. Nature can be heart breaking.

Beautiful Bean cover Crops

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