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Beautiful butterflies

UVPCGG squash plants are growing up Arches and blooming well. Tip never water at night, water under leaves on ground and 2x a week in wood chips or 1x/week in straw.

How grateful we are at UVPCGG fcor the gorgeous butterflies that visit our flowers. Volunteers needed to help build chicken tractor Sat 8 to Noon and seed and start exchange of herbs. RS VP 801-808-4424 https:// has Youth Summer camp and course description s.

Thorny Blackberry bushes are loaded with berries providing food but also shade, privacy along perimeter of property and protection from intruders.

Guild of Ayers Pear tree loaded in its first season wirh Pears along wirh Grape vine of White Himrod Grapes, Comfrey for minerals, Siberian Pea Shrub for Nitrogen and Alfalfa, Lentils and Daikon Radish ground cover is one of 57 Tree Guilds in the UVPCGG.

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