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Utah Valley Permaculture

Thank you Jeff from Grantsville for putting the Gazebo together in UVPCGG garden today and Shelley and kids for helping hold it up. This day went by so fast, class on plants in Efible Forest and kitchen garden went great and guess what we should do a road trip tomorrow aftn? " July 8th & 9th Lavender Days at Young Living Farm who wants to carpool? Farm Activities: 10 a.m.–6 p.m.

Love the grapes growing up the trees in the kitchen garden at UVPCGG.

Fluorescent green grasshopper

Red Burdock is growing so huge with 1.5 foot leaves

Our sweet juicy Crab Apples arecgetting bigger 1" so far. Last Fall they tasted so good.

Fatest Currant yet! Anyone want to byu a Seaberry start?

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