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gorgeous White Hibiscus

Attn: due to broken back, I could use a student to start today live here for Summer till school starts . Free room, free education and free healthy eating education. Great experience worth $1,000s at UVPCGG. My Dr Ockey w MRI just done where L5 Joint fracture worsened. It is " right pars interarticularis joint stress fracture" and radiates down saccrum and legs. Previous Sacral fracture at S3 has healed. He is putting me in back brace for 1 to 2 months and ordering home health care housekeeping help wont start for few weeks. Im going to try to rest but caring for house and watering garden without funds to finish soaker hoses will not allow me to get better. If anyone has soaker hoses and could come help install please let me know. I mainly need help mornings 7am to noon watering garden. UVPCGG

Cant wait for our huge, juicy and sweet peaches

Thornless are huge but no flavor compared the sweet soft wild ones with thorns

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