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Berry Recipes

Who would like to ttrade Berry recipes? & make a Berries of Utah cookbook?

August 1st Elberta Peaches are 3" in diameter and growing. Last year we had 8 4 to 5" sweet juicy peaches on this little tree.

Our UVPCGG first Pluots! 3 mos Permaculture Design Course starts This Thursday 4:30 for enrollment. 2 signed up so far. 6 max. 801-808-4424 https:// for description.

Our new students learn about Geo-thermal Greenhouse Construction as we say goodbye to our dear friend Richard. It is a bittersweet moment. Richard wants to come back to teach Grafting in March. Richard shared sun chokes, kale and parsley with everyone. I will really miss you and Marlene.

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