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More Gorgeous Mushrooms and Summer time

5" wide and gorgeous mushroom in our bamboo windbreaking wall at UVPCGG. Come and visit for a tour. Volunteers needed to go to Famers Markets contact us at 801-808-4424. https:// loved meeting all the nice organic growers. Tons said they wanted to come sell their harvest at our Open House.

my phone's about to die but I just had a wonderful evening at the quaintest farmers market which Jamie has ran caledl the Happy Valley Farmers Market Wednesday nights in American Fork in their city park starts at 5 p.m. and because it was the night of the police department also doing a night out against Crime it's really wonderful and I met so many great people here and Jamie and I are talking about talking to Grant and setting up a farmer's market in Orem because Orem City hasn't allowed them to use any of the parks or anything to set up a farmers market and bring all the local Growers that want to sell produce anod other products there. so it's been a wonderful eventful night as I made new friends and I invited more people to our event on September 17th it will be wonderfull. Networking is the best part of all this Permaculture promotion.


oe the Legend of the largest Heirloom tomatoes called today to come down to visit The Edible Forest here At UVPCGG & Im saving every seed of each kind of tomato I bought from him Sat at the Farmers Mkt and he's bringing some of his friends. Now Im gonna enjoy the flavor of this Mammoth German Gold juicy tomato. Also Cary & Liz are back from Europe and we talked for an hour about the FOOD over there and budding too.

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