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autumn abundance

I so loved being with all my kindred spirit brothers & sisters at the Snowbrush Herb festival this weekend. Thank you all for you kindness. Cassie, Laurie Nielsen, Tiffany, Merry Lycett Harrison, Buena, Josh Williams, Raw Utah, WeAre AflaMichael & Naomie, Colleen, Holly, Kristy & other amazing and sweet people with so many gifts. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and your love. " Laurie Nielsen 'Denise! I so loved hearing you speak today. I keep rehashing over and over in my head many of the beautiful things you spoke of regarding nature, the birds, the three rules of permaculture, the soil, and so much more... I look forward to seeing you tomorrow and attending the open house next weekend! You sparked something in me today, and I'm all about it now! Yesterday at 9:53pm · Original Laurie Nielsen" Cassie I cant wait to help you design your 2 acre forest. See you all at the Edible Food Forest next Sat. We are looking for flowers to make headbands with.

Chantal " Wise Woman's Apothecary" brought some great smelling things to sell at our Open House Sat. Volunteers still needed to go to High Schools Orem, Provo, Timpanogos with flyers please. Rsvp 801-808-4424

Great Wendy & Penny come over to harvest seeds and get free Comfrey plants. The Sunchoke or Jerusalem Artichoke flowers are all blooming over all crops.

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