Harvest Season

More of our Harvest from Utah Valley Permaculture Classroom Gardens & Greenhouse Hops, Almonds Black Currants. Who has instructions for making soap or deodarant from Hops or sweet sachets? How to best dry and shell Almonds? The very ripe Currants are as good as Blue berries just like the Aronia Cherries.

m so sad to hear our Founder who truelly understood and championed to save Nature has passed on But Im grateful that he helped humanity understand and appreciate Nature. As our Food Forest Classroom garden passes into Winter, I will miss all my friends plants, insects & animals. . Go to International Permaculture Day FB page to write your thoughts and memories.

Tons of Female Sea Buckthorn Orange "Sibu skin Enriching " Berry starts are ready for sale $6 each for small. 32" are $12. A few males left too. UVPCGG 801-808-4424 https:// utahpermaculture.tk Food Forest Classroom. ( 4 foot x 3 foot mother plant above the babies grown here on Wasatch Ftont past 2 years very hardy & drought resistant vs. Nursery bought from out of state).

100 giant Comfrey leaves will be frozen after Rain tomorrow and temps go down for 3 nights into low 30s. If you want to come harvest these giant up to 4 foot x 2 foot leaves of Comfrey let me know today and come to UVPCGG today. 801-808-4424

We need volunteers to cover plants with frost blankets Tuesday evening before freeze according to KSL " Accuweather " please RSVP if you can come help school Food Forest thank you 4 to 12" mountain snow as we drop 30 degrees at 4am" very wet very cool day more Rain wed. Clearing tuesday and cool. " but only 39 as lowest Tuesday. dif from their site" " OCT 3 - 9. HI/LO. PRECIP. MON10/3. 54°/ 35°46% Mostly cloudy with a shower TUE10/4. 57°/ 38° 16%Cool with periods of sun WED10/5. 51°/ 34° 49% Clouds and sun with a shower THU10/6. 55°/ 32° 7%Mostly sunny and cool" How did that giant Bartlett Pear off 2 yr old tree from our UVPCGG Food Forest taste Matthew? :"Wow so sweet and not mushy." (Matthew saved the seeds.) Well rain started last night with hard winds knocked all covers off and was 51 today. Now how cold will it get tomorrow and how much sun and when is next storm? " TUE10/456°/ 36°10%Cool with clouds and sunWED10/555°/ 32°41%Clouds and sun with a showerTHU10/657°/ 32°"

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