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Nature is our greatest gift

Nature is our greatest gift from God DEUTERONOMY 32:2 " My docttrine shal drop as the rain (Nature), my speech shall distil ( purify), as the dew ( Hosea 14:5 grow as the lily..), as the small rain upon the tender herb, and as the showers upon the grass." Vai my Hari Krishna fellow Nature loving ffriend told me yesterday that after billiins of dollars in studies what they found made people the happiest around the world was NATURE! Come join us in putting in a Food Forest to help children learn about Nature and its Creator. June 3rd Put ecosystems back together and purifycwatwr, toxic soils by growing healthy Humus. Put on a local Perma blitz this INTERNATIONAL Permaculture Day

Plants in greenhouse we picked up at Reclamation nursery.

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