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Seed Exchange Herb Workshop goes till 2pm. Them Private showing of Movie. RSVP 801-808-4424 for address. 30 kindd of Mints, tons of Heirloom organically grown Seedd of all kinds. From our Park City Permies:"Denise, we are on our way. What is the address?" Thanks see you soon "

Wow we've had some fat Goji berries here that were so sweet from Matt from Mapleton to plant but this one here we transplanted and I think it came from Marylyn in Lehi and it is almost an inch long. Utah Valley permaculture classroom Gardens and Greenhouse enjoyed so much visiting and having a wonderful catered dinner last night at our new consult and Nine Acre Farm so we are thrilled that we met an amazing engineer also they were going to consult with. He does aquaponics and pumps designs and things like that but he knew that Hugle beds and swales were the sustainable way to go. He was excited we were suggesting a food forest, swales and huglebeds. We talked at least 2 hours about what we''re going to do on this beautiful niine Acre Farm that'll be all heirloom organic. The partners came and bought a lot of grocery bags full of seeds we collected from the classroom edible food for est here and so we're really excited to help them establish and design their beautiful Farm

October 12th 2016 and we still havr so much food. Currants, toms, cucs, sqush, sunchokes, flax, buckwheet? Onions? Ginger? TARO root and leaves, herbs....atUVPCGG Food Forest come leatn to Chop & Drop and pkant cover ctops tonight rsvp 801-808-4424. Novie at 7:30pm

So most of Annual tomatoes, sweet potatoe and squash leaves froze last night in real first hard freeze 31 degrees here at the School Gardens, and we didnt have help to cover plants wirh compost and straw to save $1,000s of perennial plants; so scrambling to get it all done before gets even colder. Perennials had no problem and micro climares sheltered one pumkin plant. If you have gloves and adults that can come help the school and learn more please come. Giving away free mineral fertizing Comfrey plants to all. Thank you. 851 E Highcountry Dr Orem Saturday 8am to 6pm. UVPCGG 801-808-4424

On Oct 24, 2016 9:31 AM, BYU Prof. wrote: Denise, " It was great to meet you at our recent forum, to hear what great things you are doing. I wondered if you had a reference for the Ezra Benson quote you shared. That might be helpful to me in the future. Best, Shawn" Shawn W. Miller, PhD Department of History " Brigham Young University Provo, UT 84602

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