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Rescued Chickens Thelma and Louise, and other happenings

Our UVPCGG school rescued chickens, Thelma & Louise, 6 months old now, laid their first egg today Aug. 14, 2016

Who wants to come do Elderberry Syrup, Sand Cherry Syrup & Aronia Cherry jam workshop? RSVP 801-808-4424

Our Sacred Datura opened last night

Close up of wasp like orange and blue 3" flying bug in our UVPCGG garden today

Beautiful black beans we have tons we'll replant for next two and get even more every year saving while we can still get others and then someday these will be very valuable yummy

Sherwood tree service has a 14 cu yd dump load of wood chips Spruce they can deliver to PG to Provo. Call me if you want them this am 801-808-4424

Current Intermediate student Shelley's kitchen garden. Great job! " Ive begun my sheet mulching in part of my beds. I'd really like some of those wood chips if there is anymore. "

Even though it may not be Sacred datura as we were told by the kind student that brought it to us they sure are blooming like crazy at night they're beautiful and we appreciate them and that's what matters if anyone knows exactly what it is then let us know thank you Daturas repel mosquitoes.

We thinned out the Elberta Peach Dwarf tree and supported his limbs filled with 3" & still growing peaches with log branches. They should be ready in September at our UVPCGG Open House on 17th. See other Peach tree tastings & tours video at http://

As Part of our 2nd Anniversary Open House Sept 17th the week of "EAT LOCAL UTAH" we are doing a silent auction of this huge Gorilla Cart Dump Cart for your farm. Text your bid to 801-808-4424 starting at $100

Our first Holden Raspberties yum. UVPCGG B2ginning class still can be added tonight at 4pm for tour of Edible Forest Garden. See course details at: Http://

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